Clove Hill School unites together the love of play with the love of nature to create a program that helps strengthen and nurture the childs growing body, mind and soul. We are a media free school that values and encourages creative play and learning as well as becoming stewards of the land. Each child is looked upon as having unique abilities and we strive to give them an environment to unfold freely in an unrushed way.  Through our practice of Biodynamic gardening the children will have the opportunity to be a part of a working garden through composting, seed sowing and harvesting throughout the seasons. What is harvested from our garden is incorporated into our meals and shared with the community. Clove Hill School is open to children ages 6 weeks up to 7 years of age.  With the intention of adding grades classes in the future. To learn more about enrollment please contact our school admissions

Clove Hill School is Licensed through the state of Texas and is a member of:

Biodynamic Association

Anthroposophical Society Anthroposophical Society

Local North Texas Group - The Maitreya Group

Waldorf Early Childhood Assocation Of North AmericaWaldorf Early Childhood Association of North America

 Association for Waldorf Music Education Association for Waldorf Music education