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Teacher's Symbol: Butterfly Transformation, change,hope,endurance, grace, lightness

Early Childhood/Foreign Language German - Gabbi Lucas-

Born and raised in Trier Germany. Gabbi's Mother was a homemaker, and spent her early childhood surrounded by family and friends and full of  outdoor play. She entered school at the age of 6 and continued her education through college, graduating with an associates degree in business. During her working career she met her husband and left Germany to live in the United States. After her first child was born she joined a church were she began teaching in the Sunday school program. She soon realized working with young children was her calling. She stayed home with her 5 children cared for her home and family which gave her great joy. After her last child was in kindergarten she was hired on with the McKinney ISD  as a lunch-room monitor and then as a paraprofessional educator with preschool children. She worked 2 years in the headstart program and 16 years in the Special Education Program. In 2016 Gabbi retired from teaching in the public schools and continues to teach Sunday School for her church. She feels blessed and excited to continue her task serving and working with young children and their families at Clove Hill School

Early Childhood Teacher/Biodynamic Gardener - Lisa Grubbs- Founded Clove Hill in 2003 . Began her Waldorf training at The Steiner College in Fair Oaks Ca. Attended Grades teacher workshops at Sunbridge College in New York and various conferences and workshops pertaining to early childhood development,Biodynamic Beekeeping, Biodynamiic agriculture. Currently enrolled at the Austin Waldorf School Teacher training  program for kindergarten - High school  grades. Actively involved in the Anthroposophical community in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Lisa brings a love for puppetry and the arts to the children and community  by hosting community festivals and events. A passion for giving  back to the community, she has volunteered at Hopes Cottage as a mentor to young unwed teen mothers, volunteered as an oncall emergency childcare provider for the Collin County Childrens Advocacy in Plano,Tx providing emergency care to children who have been removed from abusive home situations.. Volunteered  at  the  Red Bud assistant living community  coordinating activties that would connect the children with the  residents thru arts together or  performing holiday concerts.  A love for gardening has led her to incorporate Biodynamic practices into the school garden . As a life long learner Lisa finds peace and joy  in spiritual striving, learning new things, being in nature, surrounding herself with family and friends and creating with her hands.

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Teacher Symbol:

Dove Love Peace Spirit, breath,